What types of mortgage do we arrange?

Buy to Let.

The UK Buy to let sector has seem quite a few changes in the last 2-3 years. However, it remains robust and an excellent medium/long term investment strategy.

The majority of clients we act for are buying for investment reasons. This can be for various reasons;

  • Medium-long term price growth

  • Income- generated from rent surplus

  • An alternative or addition to Pensions

  • As a way of getting onto the UK property ladder whilst working abroad with a view to return to the UK at some stage

  • A Buy to let property can always be converted into a residential loan upon return to the UK

The affordability for the BTL mortgage is primarily based on the rental income received but some lenders consider personal income too.

Residential property

  • Many clients are buying for personal use. We have customers who have bought so they can use the property themselves when in the UK or have family members living there.

  • Others have children in UK Universities and use it for them and as a UK base.

  • Some current property owners have refinanced the current UK property to raise cash to purchase a further property, for investment purposes.

Commercial Property

  • We also have finance available for Freehold Commercial premises- primarily for values over £ 500000 +.

  • This could be large blocks of apartments

  • Office blocks/premises

  • Retail with or without flats above

Please contact us with any specific enquiries